Fire Restoration

Fire damage should only be handled by a professional crew that will work hard for you. We will clean every surface of your house. This means we wash your dishes, and clean all soot and ash. You can also call us to clean up fire extinguisher chemicals.

Whether the disaster was caused by an electrical fire, propane fire, or grease fire, we can fix it. Our skills even include areas outside the home. For example, our licensed builders can also restore a burned patio, or a burned roof.

Plus, we work directly with your insurance, so that you can enjoy utter peace of mind. We itemize all damages, take plenty of pictures, and find the best resources, so that you get the best restoration service at a great price.

This means that we make everything better than new. We rebuild structures and can make any charred surface look beautiful. From replacing your old appliances, upgrading your home, and even getting you new furniture—your home is going to look better than before the damage took place.

Our technicians are meticulous, so we will get all remnants out and build something amazing off the ashes.

We have your home covered for almost any disaster.

Free fire damage assessment.

Cleaning dishes, surfaces, and furniture.

Smoke removal, soot removal, and ash removal.

Permanent odor removal.

Fires can start in all kinds of ways, either from a candle left burning, grease in the kitchen, an electrical short, or even a gas leak. Unlike water damage which can slowly grow unnoticed for a period of days, weeks, or even months, once a fire has started it can and will spread rapidly, devouring everything in its path and causing massive damage to the building and its contents. Even worse, smoke may be carried through the building’s HVAC system to other areas that were not immediately affected by the fire, causing smoke damage and unpleasant, irritating odors that will require specialized treatment in order to clean up.

There is also the emotional element of a fire, a property owners are often shaken by the sight of their most expensive investment going up in flames, and the loss of valuables and heirlooms, as well as the possibility of injury or death to loved ones. It is for this reason that we exist, to be able to work toward getting your property back in its original state while you work on recuperating and recovering from the emotional toll that you have experienced. You can rest knowing that your home or business is in good hands and will be well cared for.

Fire damage needs to be dealt with as rapidly as possible in order to avoid further damage to the structure. Fire often opens gaping holes in roofs and walls, making the property vulnerable to damage from rain, snow, and ice. Fire may also have weakened structural supports, making the property unstable and prone to collapse. Smoke and soot may also create toxic fumes that can be extremely hazardous if inhaled.

We provide professional, efficient restoration services for any and all types of fire damage. Our state of the art equipment and procedures allow us to begin the cleanup process as soon as possible, restoring your property to its pre-loss condition and allowing you to resume your normal life as soon as possible. We also work with your homeowners insurance provider or claims adjuster to account for all damage and make sure that everything is paid for, reducing your out of pocket expenses and interruption of property loss.

There is also the matter of personal possessions that may be damaged by fire. We can inventory these items and help determine what can be restored and what should be thrown away. Some items may require specialized attention and treatment in order to be salvaged, and our technicians can provide the guidance and care needed to handle your most important valuables.

Fire damage restoration involves a number of specific steps, to be taken in a predetermined order, to allow for the effective and efficient return of your property to its pre loss condition:

It is important that each step in the restoration process be completed correctly, since failure to do so, or the overlooking of an element, may only result in additional problems later on. Fire damage restoration is a dangerous procedure that should not be attempted by homeowners, but rather left to those with the education, training, and experience in the handling of all types of fire scenarios. For all of your fire damage repair and restoration issues, contact us.